Reflecting on 2022-2023 & Looking Ahead.

As we reflect on coaching trends (Forbes, 2023) and plan for 2024, several key developments stand out that we believe will continue to shape the coaching landscape:

  1. Growing use of Psychometrics: The evolving work landscape, including the rise of hybrid work models, has necessitated a shift in how leaders engage with their teams. The use of psychometrics allows leaders to gain a deeper understanding of their own and their team members\’ preferences and personalities, enabling more adaptable and effective leadership approaches.
  2. Growing need for Coaching across organisational levels: Coaching is no longer reserved solely for executives. There is a growing recognition that coaching should be extended to various levels of the organization, including emerging leaders and professionals, to engage and enhance talent while boosting overall performance.
  3. Coaching with a Psychology Edge: With the increasing challenge of personal wellness and wellbeing, there is a growing openness to a holistic coaching approach, both from coaches and those being coached. This approach acknowledges the importance of considering all aspects of an individual\’s life in the coaching journey, which requires coaches to be comfortable with and able to coach at a deeper personal level. Often, these are coaches with a psychology background.
  4. Leaders as Coaches: Significant shifts in generations, the impact of the pandemic, and advancements in technology have rendered the traditional \’command and control\’ management style obsolete. Today\’s leaders are expected to empower their teams, and coaching is seen as a powerful way to achieve this. In fact, the International Coach Federation (ICF) has noted that 65% of organizations aim to expand the use of coaching skills among managers and leaders in the next 2-3 years.

These trends reflect the evolving landscape of coaching and its growing importance in fostering personal and professional development within organizations. As we move into 2024, they offer valuable insights into the direction of coaching practices and their role in driving individual and collective success.

Source: Forbes – 15 Professional Coaching Trends from the Past Year That Will Carry Into 2023

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