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JP has developed extensive experience in using the CNT in more than 180 organisations and across over 30 industries. We have worked across a broad geographical base applying CNT technologies within Africa, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.

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The Complexity Navigation Test (CNT)

The CNT is a proudly African psychology test that assesses a leader’s ability to manage complexity and ambiguity – a capability key to leading within an ever changing and complex world. It is based on both Stratified Systems Theory (SST) and complexity theory, and measures an individual’s current and potential ability to manage the demands of various levels and types of work problem-solving. Over the last 25 years the JP Team has built insight in the CNT, applying it across over 30 industries and 5 continents.

Our Experience With The CNT

We have been a Complexity Navigation Test (CNT) licensee, and the original CNT business partner since its inception in 2002. With this, comes deep insight and experience in applying the CNT to assist individuals and organisations understand and leverage the potential of their current and future leaders and leadership. Our passion for, and expertise in Africa and emerging markets, has led us to successfully utilise the CNT across a large number of African countries, including South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Uganda, Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania, Mauritius, Namibia, and Ghana.

Online Testing Available

In 2012, JP and Complexity Metrics embarked on a joint venture and launched an interactive, online version of the CNT, aptly called the eCNT, enabling global accessibility and reach.

Measure Your Capabilities

Organisation and role appropriate business scenarios effectively establish here-and-now role fit and competence. They offer the opportunity to assess an individual ‘in action’; taking the individual out of their comfort zone to really gauge their ability to apply their knowledge in a manner which suits the organisational context and culture.

The assessment distinguishes people who can cope with the complexity of strategic problem-solving from those whose strengths lie in the area of operational work. Within these parameters, finer sub-distinctions relating to various types of operational and strategic problem-solving can be drawn, as well as the individual’s cognitive flexibility, mental efficiency, ability to manage ambiguity, work through ‘noise’, and integrate and apply learning.

The Assessment Process

The CNT uses a set of universally recognisable symbols printed on playing cards. The assessor takes each candidate through several card games and the candidate is tasked with working out what rule or system governs that particular game. It relies on symbols and therefore does not discriminate on the basis of education, race, language, prior learning, culture, and is thus globally applicable.

The CNT extends and refines existing SST approaches significantly and is unique on two indices:

– It is the first ability assessment approach based in complexity theory.
– A dynamic process assessment of how a person’s style of solving problems interacts with the ability to process different levels of complexity.

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