We merge the ‘world of psychology’ and the ‘world of work’ in our approach to coaching, to support the person’s wellbeing and ability to confidently fulfil their potential, remain resilient and continually grow and learn, thereby contributing to organisational performance. Our holistic approach to coaching ensures we see the whole person in full context. Personal history, family, individual goals and aspirations, successes and failures, health, leadership style and impact on the workplace and in teams are all relevant in unlocking untapped personal and professional potential and leadership.

Our expertise lies in our ability to skilfully hold and integrate three perspectives:

  1. Psychology: a deep understanding of the holistic needs and behaviours of individuals and the ripple effect of these on the individual’s role as a leader of others and within the organisation.
  2. Business coaching: a future-focused, positive and energetic engagement, aimed at finding an alignment between the leader’s own values and those of the organisation.
  3. The organisational voice: identifying common growth and development objectives, to emphasise the true power of a business that lies in the diversity and empowerment of its people.

While we are able to follow the traditional approach to coaching, which includes a clear beginning and end, we realise that coaching is not a one size fits all. We pride ourselves in our ability to customise our coaching solution to meet our clients’ bespoke needs. With this in mind, we have hand-picked a team of diverse, highly skilled, experienced psychologists and/or business leaders who bring global exposure, life experience, diversity in thought and uniqueness in their way of seeing the world. We leverage and lean on the strength in our business by drawing on data in the form of 360-degree assessments, psychometric assessments interviews and surveys to provide data rich, objective feedback as part of the coaching journey.