For over two decades, we have utilised our combined psychology and business experience to provide deep insight into ‘what makes people tick’.  Our assessment solutions empower leaders to gain a depth of understanding and appreciation into the potential, drivers, motivators, and capabilities of their people. We partner with and assist leaders to make sound, holistic decisions across recruitment, career development, coaching, succession planning as well as team efficiency.

Our approach promises to be:

  • Personal and high-touch with a developmental stance: we insist on feedback to the individual, business manager, and Human Capital (HC). In doing so, the individual, business manager, and team have the opportunity to improve their insight into and ability to manage themselves and others, thereby driving a sense of accountability and collaboration.
  • Flexible and customised: being product agnostic we are able to design a process which suits your context, processes, and needs. Reports may be customised to incorporate the organisation’s strategic and leadership drivers. Individual assessment data may also be utilised to enhance team efficiency processes.
  • Holistic and integrated: people are intricate, interesting, and multidimensional. We strive to understand and translate this through the use of complementary assessment tools. Reports are integrated and holistic, based on the merits of the individual and bespoke to our client’s requirements, strategy and culture.
  • Digitally driven: our assessment processes are online and scalable thus lending themselves to data analytics. These insights and trends help the organisation understand occurrences (e.g., regrettable leavers, employee engagement levels), gaps, and strengths in people capabilities, and assist leaders to proactively shape organisational culture to realise their business strategy. Where possible, and appropriate, we integrate into clients’ technology / systems, driving efficiency and rich data insights.
  • Fair and ethical: we pride ourselves on being courageous in ensuring that the tools used and processes followed are aligned to our personal, industry (HPCSA) and POPIA/GDPR ethics and standards

Our team comprises qualified psychologists and psychometrists who have business savvy and exposure together with extensive knowledge of, and experience in, psychometric assessments. We work across a range of industries including, but not limited to, finance, legal, tourism, manufacturing, engineering, mining, IT, retail, and telecoms in South Africa and Africa. We actively seek to understand our clients’ needs and are able to co-create, deploy, and implement bespoke assessment processes and frameworks, while ensuring alignment to national and international best practice.