Young talent often feels a mixture of uncertainty, excitement, and relief when considering the prospect of employment. Our experience has shown that young talent is looking for a work environment that provides “holistic” support for their personal and professional development. This means immersing them in a work environment that affirms their technical ability while at the same time ensuring that their personal growth and emotional well-being are supported.

Young talent tends to thrive in an environment:

  • Where they feel engaged and involved in their learning and development process. Involving them results in higher levels of motivation, enthusiasm, and commitment to the goals. PWC, in a 2021 study on “What does young talent want” indicates young talent is looking for a personal experience in a job.
  • Where they are provided with meaningful and challenging experiences. Young talent have a real desire to make an impact. They have so many ideas, so much energy and vitality for life, and want to feel that they can contribute meaningfully to the development of the organization, industry and/or community.
  • That is supportive and inclusive, giving them access to a formal support structure in the form of mentors, coaches, and “buddies”. They prefer workplaces that emphasize open and honest communication among leaders, direct teamwork, and cooperation between colleagues.
  • Which offers opportunities for autonomy and self-expression. Young talent wants to feel that they have a voice and that they have a seat at the table.
  • Where regular feedback is provided, and they are recognized for their efforts. Young talent is looking for guidance and opportunities to learn from others’ experience. Feedback is critical to championing resilience.
  • Where work-life integration is an important consideration. A level of flexibility is regarded as an essential element in allowing them to pursue their interests outside of work and in achieving healthy emotional well-being. 

How are you engaging and growing your young talent? We’d love to hear from you.

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