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JP has a unique and progressive approach to the concept of Team. We call it the JP Tribe: a hand-picked tribe of professional, experienced, versatile and sincere people who are passionate and determined to ‘make an impact’ within and through JP. 

Our Tribe comprises permanent team members who form our stable and dependable backbone. While, bringing flexibility, breadth and depth to our Tribe are our JP Partners: individuals and organisations that we know, trust and respect; who bring complementary and often specialist knowledge, wisdom and skill.

Our Leaders

Cliff, a founding member of JP, embodies humility, wisdom, and  groundedness. These qualities, coupled with his background in psychology and business, have established him as a highly sought-after executive coach and assessment specialist. He also thrives in facilitating team workshops and… Beyond his professional pursuits, Cliff finds solace in his religion, family time, music, running, and fishing. These activities provide a welcome balance in his mature years. He also cherishes connecting with like-minded individuals by the school sports grounds lake, fostering a sense of community and shared interests.
Founding member of JP, Karen thrives in complex, ambiguous environments, crafting creative solutions to business challenges. Her strength lies in understanding people deeply, balancing human factors with business needs. Insights gleaned from her Psychology (MA Clinical Psychology), Coaching (ICF accredited) and business exposure are applied within workshops, assessments, coaching, and the use of data for strategic people decisions. Outside of work Karen embraces culinary adventures, nature and sustainability. She cherishes strong family bonds, circle of friends who share common values, and a love of life’s simple joys. At the core of her being are her values, fairness, integrity. and justice.
Darren, a seasoned Industrial Psychologist, leverages his expertise in strategy and leadership development to fuel his passion: empowering business leaders to unlock peak performance. He champions a “less is more” approach, fostering focused and engaged teams. Over 20 years in both corporate and consulting roles (including JP), he has honed his skills in strategy execution and organizational transformation across diverse industries – financial services being his specialty, but also mining, manufacturing, and tourism. Outside the boardroom, Darren thrives on family, sports, travel, and giving back, reflecting a well-rounded approach that translates into his work, making him a valuable asset to any team.
A dynamic and results driven professional with a passion for empowering individuals and driving organizational success. Holder of a MPhil in Leadership Coaching, Honours Degree in Industrial Psychology and Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. With two decades of experience in corporate, Delicia offers her clients a collaborative, creative, and thought-provoking environment to grow personally and professionally. As a true personal growth and balance enthusiast, Delicia enjoys hitting golf ball at the driving range, exploring nature with her family, and trying new recipes.
Meet Jennifer, a seasoned professional in organisational effectiveness, talent and leadership development.  Jennifer has extensive experience advising business leaders across industries and geographies as they transform their businesses, lead complex change and build the talent and cultures required to realise their strategies. Passionate about nurturing talent, Jennifer devises practical and innovative strategies for building energising culture, growing talent and building leadership capability for the future.  In her downtime, you’ll find her in her tranquil garden or sailing the ocean waves, rejuvenating her spirit.
Sally, a registered Industrial Organisational Psychologist (IOP), brings a wealth of experience and passion for assessments to her role. She offers in-depth expertise in designing, developing, and implementing assessment strategies and frameworks that directly align with a business’s strategic imperatives. Her experience spans leading and developing high-performing assessment teams, and she has a proven track record of helping organizations across various industries optimize their people strategies through effective assessments. Outside of work, Sally enjoys curling up with a good book and spending quality time with her canine companions.
Shanta brings over 20 years of experience in corporate operations to the table, specialising in keeping things running smoothly with a focus on risk management, compliance, and efficiency. She has a superpower for turning chaos into calm and is passionate about making a positive impact. Shanta holds a degree in administration and has a strong moral compass. Outside of work, Shanta loves hanging out with her awesome family, curling up with a good book, or tackling a challenging puzzle.

Our Consultants

Amy brings passion, professionalism, and a strong sense of dedication to the work that she does as a consulting psychometrist. She cares deeply about those that she engages with and strives to leave people with a sense of appreciation for their value and potential. Amy holds Postgraduate qualifications in Psychology, is accredited on a variety of assessment tools, and is registered with the HPCSA. Amy’s faith and her family are at the centre of her personal life. She enjoys exploring the world through travel and finds joy in serving others and making a difference in people’s lives.
Anisha, a registered Industrial Organizational Psychologist (IOP) with an MBA, brings expertise, creativity, and infectious enthusiasm to building high-performing cultures and teams. With over 18 years of experience across diverse industries, she’s a seasoned leader who gets results. Outside of the professional realm, Anisha unwinds with family, captivating reads, and the serenity of flickering candles (massages optional, but highly recommended).
Cara’s path as an Assessment Lead is fuelled by a commitment to crafting moments of personal significance through professional engagements. This commitment has been nurtured and has thrived within JP’s culture of trust and autonomy. With an honours degree in clinical psychology, a master’s in industrial psychology, and HPCSA registration, she has dedicated herself to advancing organisations towards their long-term talent goals. She helps organisations navigate the future of talent and advocates for meaningful impact. Off duty, her life is filled with the joys of cycling, cherished moments with her husband, and the lively companionship of their three dogs, adding a vibrant and fulfilling dimension to her existence.
A values-driven individual who takes a holistic approach to understanding people while respecting them for their individuality and uniqueness. Holding an Honours degree in Psychology and equipped with years of experience in Executive and Senior Management assessment, she creates the space for people to see their own potential in striving to fulfil their purpose. Beyond the office, you will find her rejuvenating herself in nature and discovering inspiration for creativity.

With over 20 years of experience, Dilnaaz blends knowledge of talent management, assessments, coaching and succession planning. Holding a master’s in industrial psychology and a coaching diploma, she is passionate about supporting individual, team and organizational growth and success. She shows strong appreciation for multiple perspectives, while striving to build supportive relationships that enable others to gain and leverage new insights. Outside of work, family time is important. She is an avid reader and cat -lover who cannot resist a challenging puzzle or crossword.

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With over 15 years of experience and registered with the HPCSA, Elsa is a passionate organizational psychologist dedicated to helping individuals and teams unlock their full potential. Currently pursuing ICF accreditation, she strives to continuously enhance her coaching expertise. Her natural curiosity and ability to identify trends and patterns allow her to offer insightful and compassionate guidance, fostering her clients’ growth. Beyond the workplace, Elsa finds enjoyment in open water swimming, painting, and delving into captivating books.

Driven by passion for understanding the ‘why’ behind human behaviour, Izelle provides warmth and empathy into her interactions, crafting meaningful conversations, steering others towards self-insight and development. With her post-graduate qualifications in Industrial Psychology, registration with the HPCSA and solid experience across different industries, she is comfortable to engage with others from many different backgrounds and walks of life. Away from the desk, her world revolves around her family, music, and the art of storytelling. Fuelled by faith, she is dedicated to empowering women through serving with heart. Her journey is one of passion, creativity, connections and meaning.
Driven by curiosity and a desire for understanding, Julia engages in insightful discussions with individuals with the purpose of unravelling their motivations, identifying strengths, and pinpointing areas of development to unlock potential and facilitate growth. She has ten years’ experience across a range of industries and holds post-graduate qualifications in Psychology as well as membership with the HPCSA. Beyond her professional pursuits, she channels creativity through cooking and loves entertaining her family and friends. Being outdoors and in nature brings her happiness and one of her favourite ways to start the day is with a run through Johannesburg’s leafy suburbs.
Kgomotso, a registered Psychometrist (HPCSA), uses her psychology background and assessment expertise to unlock potential in individuals. She facilitates valuable insights for talent management through insightful conversations, fostering self-awareness and development. Passionate and dedicated, Kgomotso helps individuals and leaders achieve their career goals. Kgomotso not only has green fingers when it comes to growing candidates, she also loves gardening. She is a connoisseur in cooking and baking for her family, and enjoys keeping fit.
Lize is an empowering coach and talent architect that help clients unlock their full potential. With almost 30 years of experience, she blends her extensive corporate experience with assessment skills across multiple industries to deliver real value to clients. Lize has developed and contributed to talent development initiatives and her insightful guidance elevates the contributions of those she works with, fostering a culture of growth. She holds an M.Com in Industrial Psychology and is an ICF trained coach, that specialises in narrative coaching. Lize balances work with creative pursuits, crafting and fitness, reflecting a holistic lifestyle.
Mark is a business leader with more than 30 years’ experience in igniting the potential in teams to execute on strategy, blending digital savvy with a people-centric approach. He guides leaders to achieve strategic goals and fosters a culture of purpose and growth. Mark’s qualifications span people, management, and finance. Beyond business, Mark’s a maestro of meaningful connection, but his passions extend to adventure and music including scuba-diving, sailing, running, golfing and is a budding keyboard-player.
Passionate about unlocking the full potential of organisations, Monique brings a fresh perspective to the professional realm. Armed with a Masters degree in Industrial-Organisational Psychology, she is dedicated to navigating the intricacies of psychology and business to drive positive change. Outside of the consulting space, Monique finds solace in the world of literature and tranquility of yoga practice.

Monique’s journey in industrial psychology is driven by an enthusiasm for variety, change and optimising processes. Her motivation is fuelled by the diversity of people she works with and the opportunity to impact lives. With a MA Industrial Psychology and registration as a psychologist with the HPCSA, she has been helping consultancies and organisations achieve their talent and development objectives for over a decade. Beyond her professional pursuits, her life is coloured by time spent with her kids and husband. A creative and foodie by heart, you’ll often find her immersed in an artistic activity, or exploring the latest coffee shop or restaurant.

Mpho has been part of JP’s fibre since the earliest years. He has mastered the art of engaging and offers some really interesting, insightful holistic observations. He possesses a wealth of corporate experience in mining, government and telecommunications and is committed in building strong customer relationships. Mpho is the most authentic human being who connects deeply, he is a laugh a minute guy and always brings the ‘gees’ into any room he enters. A spiritual prophet wandering this earth and if you dare to connect with him, you are sure to leave that conversation, questioning your life’s purpose.
Mpho is a HPCSA registered Psychometrist with a passion for people and their personal development. With over a decade of experience within the private sector, her approach is deeply people-centred, driven by a genuine curiosity and empathy for others. Every interaction is an opportunity to understand the human mind as she strives to connect on an individual basis. This interest in understanding people extends beyond her professional life and is evident in her studies and content she consumes. Outside of work you will find her at home spending some quiet time alone, catching up on series or connecting with loved ones.  

Patience’s proficiency lies in the areas of leadership development, professional business/executive coaching, and assessments. Her commitment to unlocking the leadership potential of individuals has assisted a considerable number of people in achieving professional success. With postgraduate degrees in Industrial Psychology and Business Administration, and over 25 years of experience in diverse industries, Patience is confident in delivering great results with her honed skills and expertise. Outside of work, she enjoys practicing her religion and pursuing creative hobbies such as sewing and gardening. Spending quality time with her loved ones is very important to her, and she is also very passionate about fitness.

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Rashida, a Clinical Psychologist and ICF-accredited coach, inspires with her passion for human behavior and lifelong learning. At Joint Prosperity, she leads strategic leadership assessments, team facilitation, and executive coaching. Valued for her professionalism, maturity, and openness, Rashida is a trusted advisor and transformative leader within the JP family. She is a proud and doting mother and wife to her young and beautiful family, an ultra-endurance runner and operates a psychotherapy private practice out of the winelands of Stellenbosch.
Refeloe is a seasoned Industrial Psychologist with an Honours and Master’s qualification in Industrial and Organisational Psychology. She thrives on authentic conversations and positively transforming people’s lives and organisations. With a diverse background spanning the public and private sectors, she brings a unique blend of expertise to the field of behavioural science. Grounded in her passion for positively impacting both professional and personal spheres, Refeloe embodies the synergy between career fulfilment and family values. When not shaping organisational dynamics, she cherishes moments with her family, allowing a healthy balance for personal quality time and exemplifying the importance of holistic well-being. 
Reinette is passionate about empowering people. As an industrial psychologist, registered with the HPCSA, she brings years of corporate HR experience and knowledge balanced with a heart-led approach, and a dash of humour. Being with JP since 2013 she now leads a team of assessment consultants. It’s not just about ticking boxes for Reinette – it’s about uncovering the individuals hidden talents and fostering their personal and career growth.Beyond the office, Reinette finds joy in weaving together precious moments with her family. She’s also a wizard with a crochet hook, spinning yarn into beautiful masterpieces that reflect her vibrant spirit.
A diligent, good communicator, ambitious, responsible, and reliable Consultant with excellent prioritisation skills in order to meet deadlines. Romy displays a strong positive outlook and a can-do attitude. Holder of a Masters qualification in Industrial/Organisational Psychology and a proud member of the HPCSA. Outside of work, she is a dedicated wife and mother who spends time with her extended family, connecting with friends and sharing special moments with her community. Currently on a personal spiritual growth path. With a passion for shopping and accessorising, her creativity is expressed through the design of hair bows for little girls.
Suzy is passionate about bringing strategy to life, aligning people, processes, and structure for peak performance. Her blend of pragmatism and creativity helps teams and organizations excel. Suzy’s global experience in organizational effectiveness, strategic alignment, and cultural transformation, coupled with a postgraduate degree in business administration, ensures a commercial mindset in everything she does. Outside of work, you’ll find Suzy enjoying nature or whipping up a delicious meal.
Thapi is an assessment consultant registered as a Psychometrist with HPCSA. She has close to 15 years’ of experience within HR and in psychometric assessments. She holds an honours degree in Psychology, Industrial psychology and a Master’s degree in Management of Science and Innovation. She aspires to make a positive difference at an individual and organisational level through her extensive knowledge of assessments and research. When not at work Thapi enjoys family time and fitness. She is also an author.
Thami is an inquisitive, critical thinker who is passionate about people and fascinated by human behaviour. She adds value through her experience in HR consulting and her strong focus on client-centricity. She holds an Honours degree in Industrial Psychology and is registered with the HPCSA. She is a fitness enthusiast, swimming is her sanctuary, and exercise is her therapy. She maintains a healthy lifestyle and expresses her creativity through fashion. When not lifting weights or shopping, she is jet-setting to soak up the world’s cultures – living one adventure at a time!
Tracey is a Psychometrist with both corporate and consulting experience, as well as in-depth expertise in the assessments field as it relates to employee placement and development. Calm, focused and supportive, she has a keen interest in understanding people and the impact that talent and assessment practices have across business. She has a special passion for working in the inspiring area of Young Talent. Tracey has a weakness for baked goods but tries to find her balance with yoga and dance.
Ustine brings extensive consulting experience to her client partnerships, enriching her ability to guide clients through their unique project journeys. She adeptly collaborates, leveraging her expertise to steer individuals and teams toward innovative solutions. With a Master’s in Leadership Coaching and accredited with the European Mentoring Coaching Council (EMCC) as an Executive Coach, she’s known for her innovative strategies and execution. Ustine fosters an inclusive environment, which enables growth and transformation. Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds fulfillment in travelling, gardening, being an avid reader, and cherishing moments with family and friends.
Passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of others, Zandi enthusiastically embraces the opportunity that psychometric assessments offers to do so. She holds various certifications and has solid experience consulting at different organisational levels, across industries. As a registered psychometrist with the HPCSA, she strives to inspire personal and professional growth. Her beautiful family is her first priority and she values balance. When escaping the daily pressures of life, you might find Zandi unwinding at her favourite spa or ready to tackle a DIY project with power tool in hand.

Our Support

A numbers whiz with a twist! Antoinette, a credit control maestro with 20+ years of experience, juggles financials with finesse. Beyond the boardroom, she’s a globetrotter, a creative soul, and a family foodie. A good book and laughter with loved ones complete her tapestry.


Cecile, a founding member of the Joint Prosperity team, is the pillar of structure and organization. Her passion for process excellence ensures seamless project experiences for clients. With a patient demeanor and keen ability to navigate complexities, she instills confidence and security in every interaction. Beyond work, Cecile’s creative spirit and dedication extend to her family life, where she finds balance with a good book and a cup of coffee.


Joining the JP tribe in 2009, Diana brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in various industries. She is a skilled Psychometrist, registered with the HPCSA, with a keen interest in statistics and analysing data with solid Project Management skills. Administration of Psychometric and Competency-based assessments as well as in-house MultiRater surveys, she creates positive client experiences. Outside of work, Diana’s dedication extends to her family, she loves to read and plays the piano.


Emma isn’t just a data analyst; she’s a people-data storyteller, driven by a passion to unravel our narratives within numbers and human behavior. She started with a bachelor’s in Biochemistry and recently obtained her MA in Psychology, so her academic journey is as unique as her skillset. Emma’s love for statistics has fueled her diverse career, spanning lecturing, psychometrics, and neuroscience research. Naturally inquisitive, she enjoys reading, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and exploring her new Western Cape postal code. And always eager to discover local gems, she welcomes your recommendations for markets and coffee shops.


Hanish, a seasoned tech leader with vast cross-industry experience, is passionate about empowering businesses with ingenious innovative solutions. He tackles challenges head-on with strategic thinking and leverages cutting-edge tech to drive efficiency and growth alongside stakeholders. As a collaborative leader, he partners with stakeholders to drive efficiency and growth. Beyond the professional realm, this die-hard cricket fan transforms into a roaring spectator when his son bowls the doosra. By night, they conquer Fortnite together, fostering teamwork and celebrating victories with a dance move or two. In quiet moments, Hanish dives into self-help books, seeking personal growth and inspiration.


Meet Ona, passionate about branding, systems, and customer service. Self-motivated with strong technical and interpersonal skills, always seeking innovative approaches. Holding a degree in marketing management and a higher certificate in digital marketing, he combines a customer-centric perspective with deep product knowledge and exceptional customer service. His personal interests include exercise, delving into the complexities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, music, trying new cuisines, connecting with loved ones, getting lost in a good book, and writing. Favourite quote is “The creative adult is the child who survived” by Ursula Guin.


Peta is renowned for her composed and measured approach and recognised as a trustworthy professional. She has an exceptional work ethic, excellent communication skills and unwavering integrity. In her role at JP, Peta excels at prioritising and meeting client needs to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. Peta has a successful history of implementing OD initiatives. She is a Consciousness coach, Enneagram practitioner, and holds an Honours degree in Psychology. Outside of work, Peta is a dedicated mother and expresses her creativity through photographic and home improvement projects. She loves dance, is a passionate rugby fan and values quality time with her loved ones.


A strong team leader, Shabnam is passionate about crafting an exceptional and diverse culture that fosters a better working environment. Joining the JP tribe in 2023 as the Client Serivces Team Lead, she brings a wealth of knowledge gained from her extensive experience in operations in financial servies. Shabnam’s commercial mindset, client-centric approach, and commitment to developing people and processes set her apart from the rest. Outside of work, she enjoys family time and community service, as well a healthy dose of self-care.

Meet Sarah! She’s our sunshine on the cleaning crew. With a smile and a whistle, she keeps your workspace tidy. Off the clock, she’s a dancing queen and karaoke champion – music and movement keep her spirit high!
Shardy is a dedicated Client Services Administrator, serving as the crucial liaison between JP, clients, and candidates for assessments, driven by efficiency and meeting deadlines. With qualifications in Secretarial Studies & Administration, and a Certificate in HR Hiring, BCEA & LRA, she brings a wealth of expertise, having also worked as a Recruitment Consultant and in training facilitation. Shardy’s natural passion for people and previous client interfacing experience enables her to deliver professional and proficient service. When the stilettos come off and she lets down her hair, she enjoys listening to music, playing Chess and reading novels. Spending quality time with family and her faith in Christ keeps her grounded.

A Customer Service Ninja. Having joined JP in 2016, Shernaaz brings a vast amount of Customer Service and Problem Solving skills. Adept at juggling calendars and arranging meetings, she ensures a well-oiled administrative engine. Her Attention to detail, Organisation skills and Time Management ensure that no stone is left unturned, leaving each client experience as smooth and seamless as possible. Change is not daunting to her due to her flexibility and adaptable nature, there is no challenge too big. Creating beautiful memories, nurturing and building her family is what she is truly passionate about.


A dependable and adaptable team player, Siya thrives in administrative environments. He approaches challenges with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. Siya’s calm demeanor ensures smooth operations even under pressure. In his free time, Siya finds solace in visiting his temple and exploring new knowledge through research, reflecting his introspective nature and lifelong love of learning.


With 24 years industry experience, her expertise spans credit control, invoice processing, bank reconciliations, management of different procurement portals and vendor relationships.  Siobhan’s adept at utilising a variety of accounting software systems and fully versed in administrative functions of the finance environment. She loves to read crime novels and family sagas are her favourites, as well as researching history online. She regularly solves puzzles of all kinds, including crosswords, Sudoku and jigsaw puzzles.  She loves to share sundowners with friends and watch movies.  As an avid walker and outdoor lover, long walks provide her with both physical and mental well-being.


Detail-driven and confident accounting professional with excellent critical thinking skills and analytical capabilities. Highly adept in defining operational cost and expenditure management. Sonto holds a Bachelor’s degree in Credit Management and a Cost & Management accounting qualification, which is backed by 18 years of experience in the financial field, with varied industries. Coffee is Sonto’s love language. When she is not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones, or alone time in the garden, simply enjoying the sounds of nature.

A registered member of the SAIMM, is passionate about delivering all-round high-quality service to both internal and external stakeholders. Tomi has over 20 years of experience in various industries, using her unfailing dedication to ensure a seamless assessment process from start to finish. With two Honours degrees in science courses and a knack for quality and problem solving, Tomi navigates difficult scenarios with ease and professionalism. Outside of JP, her passions center around her faith in Christ, family and friends. Any opportunity to dance to vibey music will never pass her by.

An independent and imaginative thinker who’s passionate about transforming service into an experience, Philile is dedicated to ensuring seamless client interactions. She is a strong team player, loving mother, part-time gardener (gardens bring her peace), and novelic writer. Philile is also a lover of music and an aspiring photographer.

Our Associates

A creative thinker, committed to finding and implementing unique solutions that integrate people and technology. Holder of qualifications in clinical and industrial psychology, certifications in Trauma management, Neurolinguistic Programming, the Enneagram and a variety of others, she brings a wealth of experience gained across various industries and consulting firms. In her downtime she’s a committed mom, bush lover, Dachshund enthusiast and avid reader.

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Karina is passionate about what makes candidates and business tick. She provides value in the time she spends connecting with her clients. Her must haves from sessions are to provide candidates with in-depth insights into their talents and areas of development, and to provide business with the holistic insight they need in order to make informed decisions during the recruitment process. Outside of her working hours you will find her volunteering or participating at ParkRun, staying fit, and enjoying life with family and friends. Her secret vices are her daily Wordle challenge and the occasional online game.

One of the meanings of Zaheera’s name is ‘supporter’. This is aligned with her purpose, which is to use her skills and abilities to support others to facilitate personal and organisational growth with passion, compassion, and a bit of humour. Zaheera has a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organisational Psychology and over 22 years of experience as a work psychologist in both the public and private sectors across the African continent. Zaheera mentors interns to ensure that others can also ascend their ladders of success. Outside of work, Zaheera enjoys walking in nature, baking, and indulging in the delightful world of memes.

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