It’s graduate recruitment season, and it’s been showing in our numbers. Each year, around this time we experience a spike in the number of searches, and questions regarding our bespoke CNT (Complexity Navigation Test) assessment. Here is some context and a few answers:

The CNT assesses how people navigate the complexities of everyday and work problem-solving, through a series of card games. It differentiates people who can cope with the complexity of strategic problem-solving, from those whose strengths lie in the area of operational work. In addition, it provides insight into aspects such as cognitive flexibility, mental efficiency, ability to manage ambiguity, level of integration and ability to effectively apply learning across diverse work environments.

As such, the CNT is most often utilised to identify and select individuals that demonstrate the potential to take our client organisations into the future. It generally forms part of senior and executive assessment batteries or as a key part of succession planning. Within competitive, complex and changing organisations the search for this rare talent often begins at a Graduate level in the form of Graduate recruitment and development programmes.

Some practical information:

  • The CNT takes approximately 90 minutes to be completed, and is facilitated by a qualified and experienced consultant, registered with the HPCSA
  • The assessment takes a rather unusual form of a card game and measures style of problem solving. There is no need to practice or study for the assessment; candidates should just arrive rested and ready to challenge their thinking
  • On completion of the assessment, candidates receive immediate feedback from the consultant. Different problem-solving styles are suited for different environments, and roles. The feedback given to candidates helps them better understand their style and environment/role fit; priceless when making career decisions
  • It is a Proudly African born and bred assessment developed in 2000. JP has distribution rights and launched an interactive, online version in 2012 – the eCNT; enabling global accessibility and reach
  • To date, over 36 000 people have been assessed using the CNT. It has been utilised in over 180 organisations, across over 30 industries across Africa, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

To find out more about the CNT and our assessments portfolio, please click here.

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