Are you spending time trying to figure out how to lead your multi-generational workforce?

For over a decade, there have been numerous pieces of information cautioning managers that younger employees are not motivated by the same values as their older counterparts, and that their preferences are vastly different, necessitating an overhaul of the current organisational culture. With this backdrop, and the dissociation intensified by the global Covid-19 pandemic, it is quite natural to unconsciously allow stereotypes to become embedded in one’s company culture and affect business success.

Our view is that team diversity makes companies more innovative, resilient and agile, and we agree with the premise that generational stereotypes don’t actually exist. In fact, there is much more that makes us similar than sets us apart – we all want to succeed, do work that matters, have freedom and flexibility, recognition and support.

This Ted Talk by Social Psychologist Leah Georges, on “How generational stereotypes hold us back at work from working or communicating better”, is an eye opener into how these stereotypes have made us forget that people are people.

And we need to start there.

There are ways to move beyond the entrenched stereotypes, which give you insights into who people really are, their individual strengths, and how these can be nurtured for better team and business impact:

  • Get to know the essence of your people through assessments – gain a deeper understanding of the potential capability of your people and teams. Empower yourself to make sound, holistic decisions across recruitment, career development, succession planning, and team efficiency.
  • Close the gaps and grow potential with coaching – whether it is supporting graduates to transition to the world of work, assisting individuals through organisational changes, building stronger leaders for roles with greater span and complexity or building team cohesion and enhance performance.
  • Build a high performance, people-centric culture through consulting – grow leaders that actively shape your culture, foster effective teams that are aligned to deliver on your strategy, and ensure talent bench strength to deliver today and into the future.

At Joint Prosperity, we work with companies and leaders to grow their people and business to realise strategy. There is a better way to navigate the multi-generational workplace, contact us to discuss your needs.

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