Jul 10, 2023

Psychometric assessments are powerful predictive tools that are widely and typically used as part of the selection process in identifying high potential candidates with greater accuracy. In turn, high performers generate more value for their employers.  But there is so much more to be gained from the depth of the data offered by these psychometric assessments.

The information gained from these assessments can be drawn on to guide employee development and help individuals reach their full potential, while providing input into business strategy and implementation. Here are some ways in which your business could get the most value from these assessments:

  • Tailor development plans: Use assessment data to identify areas for growth and create personalised development plans. By focusing on specific improvement areas, employees can build new skills and enhance their performance.
  • Inform coaching and mentoring: Managers and mentors can leverage assessment data to gain insights into their employees’ strengths and areas for development. This understanding enables them to provide targeted coaching and support, leading to improved performance and growth.
  • Enhance team performance: Assessments provide valuable insights into team dynamics and areas for improvement. By using this data to inform team development initiatives, teams can collaborate more effectively and achieve better results.
  • Drive succession planning: Assessments can identify high-potential employees and individuals ready for new challenges. This information helps inform succession planning and ensures that the right individuals are developed for key roles.
  • Unpack data trends and analytics: By consolidating and analysing the assessment data, organisations can start to pull together a story around their people, thereby unpacking important strategic priorities. For instance, an understanding of the current capability gaps vs. what is required for the future sustainability and growth, or a clearer picture of what differentiates high performers in the organisation.
  • Engage talent: Emphasise that assessments are not about labelling or judgment, but rather an investment by the business in its talent.  An investment that offers an alternative lens into one’s strengths and areas for improvement, motivating for continued personal and professional growth.
  • Improve leadership: Assessment data offers leaders the opportunity to deeply understand their people – their preferences, motives, personality, abilities, emotional intelligence – enabling them to truly connect with them, make informed decisions, and really journey with their talent in a fulfilling way.

Psychometric assessments are not meant to be a one-time event, but rather an investment into an ongoing developmental journey for employees and the business alike.

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